2017, back on track to start a new year with new ideas and a new conception of what I’d like to offer on this platform. After two weeks in slow motion imposed by a strong flu, I can say that I’m like Jon Snow… I know nothing. Believe me this is not an usual feeling to me, the queen of control, but it feels good.

I don’t really feel I’ve said goodbye to 2016 but I can say that I know where I want to go or better said where I don’t want to go any longer… Some of us need drastic changes in their lives, I remain a Taurus needing stability but I guess I am ready to drift towards something different. I am following the beautiful Margaux in her personal and very inspirational route and although this is not something I see myself in, I can see the benefits of not having “a plan”.

Having  a blog is practical to operate a retrospective on your year. Personally, I have the feeling that my work is evolving without knowing yet if it goes in the right direction. My personal style has evolved, my shopping habits as well and the content of what I want to offer to my readers is drifting towards something that will help to re-think the way we behave and experience. I guess that this is where I want to go in the end.

In essence, less posts, more content and thinking, more people and less things. Less is more, they say?!


What about you? How do you see 2017 ?

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