5 reasons to invest in a Luxury Classical Bag Why should you invest in a Luxury Classical Bag?

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Shall I spent a monthly salary to purchase a luxury handbag?! I have been wondering for the past 10 years if I shall invest or not… Generally I find it rather insane to spent so much money on a superficial materialistic object BUT… of course as a real fan of fashion I can’t help to be tempted. I went for a Chanel bag some years ago and to be honest I have not regretted ever since. It’s not that I am wearing it every day but when I do wear it I enjoy it 100%. So in a nutshell, in my opinion these are the main reasons why you should invest in a luxury classical bag:

  1. You will look stylish and elegant. The obvious reason to go for one of the classics is their style. They became legendary because of the added-value they bring to any outfit. You can just mix them with a simple denim and a white t-shirt to turn them into the highlight of your outfit;
  2. You will never get bored. Sometimes when I buy a mainstream fashionable bag, after 2, 3 months I get bored and do not feel like wearing it any longer and finally these handbags end-up piled-up in my closet looking good but not really useful…;
  3. You will become selective. The more I grow up the more I tend to pick and choose rather than frenetically shopping everything I like. This is the essence of the principle of investing in long run items such as these classics. I know that some people prefer to change often and have the option to mix outfits and handbags but I assure you that when you reach your 30’s you will start thinking differently. I have already started to clean up my closet and feel lighter to be honest!
  4. You will keep it forever. This one of the reasons I like to buy vintage items, because they have a story and they carry their story with them. This is exactly what I would like to convey to my daughter one day and that my mother has never been able to convey to me just because she was not really into fashion. I am not angry at all for that and understand that people might have absolutely no interest in this kind of things but I will be happy to offer my precious treasure to my daughter or granddaughter one day;
  5. It is a REAL investment. Last but not least currently money is not worth anything, interest rates are rather low, cars loose value so does real-estate. The only thing you can always resell easily not loosing much is a classical luxury handbag, trust me! look at the profits that second hand luxury shops are making and at the prices of the items they resell and you will understand. My only tip would be to go for the classical shapes and colors and not to buy any funky design or color that will be difficult to resell and will loose value.

I leave you with my Classical Luxury Bag top 4.


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