La Poudre

La Poudre

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I follow Lauren Bastide since she was a journalist at the French Elle Magazine. She also appeared in one of the reference French TV shows, Le Grand Journal. Lauren has always been a fierce supporter of the women’s cause and never hesitated to engage on sensitive feminist topics.

2016 is Bastide’s year as she launches her new project: a podcast called La Poudre. The first episode was released on December 1st featuring the French movie director Rebecca Zlotowski (Planetarium). If you have 45 minutes and you are french speaker don’t hesitate to listen to the podcast:

5 reasons to listen to La Poudre:

  • Podcasts are the new magazine as paper is overrated. You can take it everywhere and listen to it at any moment. This particular podcast is made by women for women. Its editorial focus also brings culture and media into the picture which adds an interesting dimension to the feminist angle.
  • The guest is bringing her views on how to be a feminist. I like the way it’s brought as we forget about battles that most feminists are engaged in and the topic is treated in a subtle manner. This is exactly what I am looking for personally; quoting Zlotowski “I don’t care about female, I care about femininity”.
  • You will hear about human beings sharing their personal stories on a personal feminine tone. I am hearing about under representation of women in Boards/Companies/Panels/Institutions quite often however I’d like to ear more about the path of these women that made it. Another topic is the salary difference that in my opinion is not enough underlined and shall be voiced more often. This is the kind of debate I want to have and this is the kind of issue I want to hear about.
  • Bastide brings a burning question into the picture and I hope it will become a recurrent question to her guests: the relationship with our uterus. It is all about the societal pressure to conceive as well as the ticking clock effect… you’ve nailed it!
  • We are talking  freely about love, sex and your period. As we say in French “sans langue de bois”.

Her website

Follow her on Instagram accounts @lapoudretv or @laurenbastide


Are you convinced about La Poudre?!

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