5 reasons to read Love Style Life

Love x Style x Life by Garance Doré

It is not a secret that I have an unlimited admiration for Garance Doré, my favorite Fashion Blogger that becomes one of my favorite writers. Shall we dissociate these two disciplines? I often that the blogging & writing activity has the propensity to get very close.

I have ordered this book more than a month ago on Amazon, and I must recommend it as I received my French version THE day it was released in Europe. I remember telling my girlfriends during a lunch break that I was over-enthusiastic about reading this book… the immediate reaction was : “reaaallyyyy…you? Do you really feel like reading this kind of book!? I guess you will have to summarize it to cause I really do not feel like reading it…”.

Ok… I understand that not all women are into fashion, and even less into blogging (maybe I tend to forget it sometimes). So I just nodded and promised I would summarize…BUT that was before I got the book and before reading it. So, why should you read this book?!

  1. Garance offers a unique perspective on the difference of lifestyle between France and the US. I don’t say Paris and New-York because to me she remains a southern girl as she is born and raised in Corsica and her personality really makes me think about warm and open southern girls rather than Parisian ice-queens… Talking about lifestyle, my personal take is that living in a country for a while completely turns you into a local despite how much you want to deny it and Garance is the perfect example as she often talks, writes and reacts like a real New-Yorker;
  2. Garance writing is full of humour and cynicism which turns every uninteresting anecdote about her life into something funny and meaningful within her personal development process as a women and as a CEO. Obviously, she reached a level of success and celebrity that took away some of her naive cynicism BUT you still feel her kinky touch across the book;
  3. To be honest, she has some good takes about love and friendship which really appealed to me when I went across the book. This is something that is particularly of interest to me as I can’t stop worrying about age and stages in life which she turns into something perfectly natural & fun. She has also a realistic take on career and its building process;
  4. If you have no idea about which are the essential of an elegant wardrobe….READ IT! For the others, nothing new under the sun I would say…
  5. Last but not least, the cover looks great, you can ‘innocently’ leave the book on a visible shelf just for decoration purposes.

PS: Funny fact, remember my friend who was making fun of me reading Garance!? She actually knew more about her than me as I learned from her that Garance’s real name was Mariline (OMG!). No comment :p.

Shop the book HERE in ENG.

Shop the book HERE in FRENCH.


Do you feel like reading Love Style Life now?

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