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Silver Bracelet 140€ – Shop HERE

Atelier Paulin

Gold with gold fill Bracelet 210€ – Shop HERE

Name Tagged by Atelier Paulin today on the Blog or how to wear your name always close to you with a touch of luxury. I have always been a big fan of Carrie Bradshaw. It happens that I received a gold necklace with my name tag when I was 4 and have been wearing it almost my entire life. You can imagine how proud I felt as a teenager when Carrie introduced the trend in her show… ever since I have always liked this kind of jewelry.

No more personal stories, it is time to introduce Atelier Paulin Paris with their trendy hand-made message bracelets. I find their creations super original and they manage to mix simple design with luxury materials for a feminine yet girly kind of jewelry. You can select between copper with gold fill, silver and gold with gold fill. No need to mention that you can personalize the name tag as wished, the bracelets are hand-made!


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