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Turquoise Do Brasil necklace AURELIE BIDERMANN (495€)

Emerald Copacabana bangle AURELIE BIDERMANN (135€)

Aurélie Bidermann Jewels today on the Blog. In the mood for Brasil with her jewelry trendy and colorful to mix with a total denim outfit.

About Aurelie Bidermann:

Educated in the heart of the 16th arrondissement like quite the stereotype of eternally innate Parisian style and savoir-faire. Parents who enjoyed collecting Art Nouveau, Symbolism and Orientalist art. Travel from an early age, substituting the straight lines and zinc rooftops of Paris for the emerald green jungle canopies of South America; the sensuality of the Pacific isles; the explosion of color of mysterious flowers and the cobalt blues of an endless ocean. This is Aurélie Bidermann’s creative melting pot, as well as inspiration drawn from her grandmother who had her necklaces, red lipstick and powder compacts custom made in boutiques in Place Vendome. In vogue back then – little animal figures, gold ducks with lacquered feathers and sapphires for eyes, puppies with onyx dotted coats, tortoises with enameled shells: a little girl’s dream as she busies herself customizing her mother’s long necklaces with flowers she fashions from sheets of paper.*


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