Beauty for Dummies

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Are you sick of the Kim K. of this world and their contouring, foundation, fake mafia?! Do you think Mac is a burger restaurant?! Do you only go the hairdresser before the wedding of your cousin?! This post is targeting YOU!

To make it simple, I’ve never used foundation, powder, sticking eye lashes or more than 3 products at the same time. I wash my face with savon de Marseille day and night and did not know the existence Bioderma micellar water or serum until some months ago… I am definitely a beauty dummy and I am proud of it! Forget about the current dictatorship around beauty, perfection and make-up, I refuse to sell my soul to the cosmetics Industry (although I work for it ;p). I am perfectly conscious of the advantages and the positive aspects of it but it is just not my thing and I don’t want to become a make-up slave.

My beauty routine is simple: I wash my face with fresh water and soft soap (often Savon de Marseille or rose scented bio soap). I put some hydrating pharmacy face cream (Uriage only!); the only variation I make is to use the normal cream for the day and the ‘first-rinkle’ cream for the night. Sometimes I put some eye-lift cream (since 2 years ago as I’ve been told to start before being 30…some say before, some say after, another beauty diktat!).

As for make-up. A touch of black mascara (Effets faux cils by Yves Saint Laurent) and red lipstick (Clinique) and I am all set!

Shop my routine essentials:

Although I am not a pro, as you can understand I still believe there are 3 MUST-HAVE of Beauty for Dummies:

  1. A good concealer such as the Touche Eclat by YSL. You can hide whatever you want with this product so don’t hesitate to buy a quality brand.
  2. A simple hydrating cream such as the Uriage collection.
  3. A good dry shampoo such as Klorane to help you in all difficult hair situation…


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