Beauty Sexism

Sexism is all around us. Not only in the workplace but also in our private life’s and even in our bathroom.

With the development of beauty products targeting man we observe a new trend around marketing and packaging in beauty. This trend unveils a new kind of discrimination: beauty sexism.

If you have a closer look, you will notice that most of the basic beauty products targeting women have first, girly colors and shapes with fussy packaging; second, ofte. higher prices.

Is that normal?! I don’t think so. Not only our beauty budget is already heavier due to necessary spendings linked to our natural condition, but on top of it beauty brands make unreasoned additional profits on us. If only there was a technical explanation to it, fair enough but sincerely can you tell me how a pink razor or a soap would justify higher prices for women.

I think that our shopping habits should change. As women, we should refuse to adhere to the simplistic vision of what is girly and aim at equality above all. So my recommendation would be to try to make your bit and avoid all “girly” targeted products to buy the neutral version of it, if possible. Of course, I understand that the girly version of any products might be more eye catching. But, if you think about practical terms, it make absolutely no difference to the consumer but hell of a difference for the cause.


What’s your view about beauty sexism?!
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