Big is Beautiful

I have started to follow Ashley Graham on Instagram and I am amazed! I am amazed because there is absolutely NO filter and we are not used to the absence of filter in the fashion/beauty Industry. I like that her photos are natural, with imperfections, curves and defects. I love seeing cellulitis and shapes, simply because I also have those! In the actual world of image and perfection built on photoshop and dream, it is very refreshing to see normal people showing their real normal image…

credit @ashleygraham

Ashley Graham might be the most famous but there are many other beautiful woman that dare to show their curves and are not ashamed of who they really are and what they really look like. When researching, I came across Tara Lynn, Saffi Karina or Jennie Runk and what I’ve seen conveys the same message and spirit of fun and self-love. In the end it is more about the way we see ourselves than about the way we really are and these gorgeous ladies look confident, healthy and sexy. That’s exactly what we feel when we look at them…

Big is Beautiful

credit @saffikarina

Honestly, I’d like to see more of these women in advertisement. Fed-up of seeing anorexic girls/boys walking down the catwalk and representing the fashion/beauty brands. All the brands that have hired “real” “unperfect” women as their faces have been incredibly successful and we should all encourage other brands to do the same. I think that we won’t win the battle of image until we see these women in the Victoria Secret show (hint, hint)…

There is maybe one thing I don’t quite understand. It is the reluctance to call them “plus-size” models. Like if it was some kind of insult. In my opinion there is nothing pejorative in the appellation. I am in favour of calling a cat a cat and it is also part of the self-acceptance work to call things by their name. Or maybe we should call them “real” models because they are real women.

credit @taralynn

These girls are an example to all of us as regard to self-esteem and self-acceptance. Seeing more of them on a daily basis might help all of us to feel better with ourselves, no?!


Do you think big is beautiful?

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