Career Views with Elise Chalmin
Meet Elise Chalmin

Being a big fan, I have already posted about the talented Elise Chalmin and her stylish prints HERE and HERE. Not only she is the designer of my favorite skirt (the flash skirt) but she is also becoming the coolest French influencer and collaborates with iconic fashion and beauty brands like BourjoisHere you have her career views:

How did you start your business?
I started my business while I was a student at LCC in London. I created my first collection for my degree and then I continued because it had a lot of success.
Career Views with Elise Chalmin
Describe it, what is/are your current project/s?
So after my studies I decided to create a brand. What I do is that I design patterns that are printed on textile and then I make clothes with that fabric helped by a sewer in Paris. I also work on collaborations with brands, I design patterns for them and sign it with my name, I already did it for Promod and Bourjois, and I have two new collaborations to come.

Where do you see yourself and your business in 5 years time?
In 5 years time I really would like to have at least two shops. I am currently looking for a place to rent in Paris, as a shop/studio; somewhere I can work on designs and creation and also sell the clothes to people that don’t want to buy online.
Career Views with Elise Chalmin
Give 3 recommendations to new beginners.
Dream, believe, achieve.
Career Views with Elise Chalmin
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Your fashion personal advice, what is your personal touch?
I loove prints, but I also love to be very chic and classic. It depends on my mood, some days I’ll be wearing very classic clothes, fully black, or fully white with a colored coat. And some days I will wear prints overall, different patterns and different colors together, I love to mix prints.
Career Views with Elise Chalmin
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One last quote.
Dream, believe, achieve and then repeat 😉
Career Views with Elise Chalmin
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