Career Views & Four Seasons

Career Views & Four Seasons

Find out about the lovely Stéphanie Pairoux and her direct selling fashion business Four Seasons.

Stéphanie is the founder of Four Seasons, a fashion business using a specific distribution method very close to my heart: direct selling. As e-commerce is slowly spreading across the globe, some irreducible business man and woman are still experiencing the beauty of personal contact via party-planned sales. In the past, direct sellers where knocking the door of consumer but today the practices have evolved towards friendly gatherings. Well, let’s meet Stéphanie and learn more about her business…

How did you start your business?

I started randomly, as a hobby, without knowing where I would end-up. I was working for La Perla as communications manager when I had the idea to create my own business.  I started my activity in the meantime but as my contract was almost over and my business was quickly growing, I decided to turn it into my main activity… Four Seasons was born!

I first started organizing private sales reunions at my friend’s and family’s occasionally. Step by step, people started enjoying this kind of direct shopping and my sales increased significantly, thus comforting me in my new born activity. I became a true direct seller.


Describe it:

 Today, my business is still developing.

We are still organizing private sales reunions for those that request it (my favorite part of the activity!). Direct selling is always about people, the personal contact and the personalized advice you give to a potential customer. It is also a great way to meet new people. It is a different distribution method and offers a different experience to the customer.

The main objective is to have a break in your weekly routine, to enjoy a nice time with friends around new products while shopping nice outfits at an affordable price!Career Views & Four Seasons

In addition, we have created a Facebook page to advertise our collections and our business. Customers can order the items via private message specifying color and size. They have two options for delivery:

  1. At our office address in Liege or,
  2. Home delivery via postal services (5€ shipping cost).

We also regularly open a pop-up store. Our customer can find the entire collection. We organised them in different places such as bars, restaurants, fitness centers or aesthetics salons…if you want to be up to date about all our events do not hesitate to like the Four Seasons Facebook page!

Finally, the next step will be the creation of our e-shop which is currently under construction.

Where would you like to be (you and your business) in 5 years time?

In five years’ time, I would like my e-shop to be fully functioning and successful with more and more customers all around the globe.

I would also love to open new showrooms in several Belgian provinces, to offer a shopping alternative to those that are reluctant to shop online and fancy my collections. And if the demand continues to grow, why not opening a real shop!

Give 3 recommendations to new beginners

1. Be patient. Good things take time, it will not happen overnight…

2. Don’t count your time. There are plenty of things to do when you start your business and you must dedicate as much time as needed to come across all the unforeseen things that come-up! In addition, you can always work harder to improve your project…

3. Never give up! Unexpected hurdles will happen such as competition; it can destabilize you but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…right?!11696856_418056038395251_1756180132_nWhat is your personal touch?

Building on my little experience, I always select new pieces that will correspond to the largest public… I think that while selecting a new collection, I must remain reasonable in terms of pricing and opt for basics that most women can wear…

However, I always select some “flagship” pieces, slightly more original because of the fabric, the cut, the color or the shiny aspect to get the client’s attention and create envy.

Finally, quality photographs are key to this business to make sure the product looks great and the client feels like purchasing it! It will be the only argument to decide whether to go for it or not… so make sure you invest in ascetics!



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