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Meet Solène Wolff & find out about her Career views…

Meet my lovely friend Solène Wolff, she is currently living in Berlin and her style perfectly reflects the atmosphere of this vibrant Capital…Solène is a great supporter of ethical trading and fabrics, she tries to support small ethical designers and is working on a project with her boyfriend Tom Rehulka to support ethical brands. Their website is still under construction but I will remind you about them once it is online at the end of this summer… here goes her interview with her career aspirations:

Can you describe your project?

Highvisioned will strive to feature the most inspiring stories of conscious business.

‘Conscious’ business refers to sourcing, manufacturing and distributing processes which insure good raw materials, ethical working conditions for everyone on the supply chain and respect of natural resources, i.e. our planet.

We are featuring projects in different fields: fashion, cosmetics, food, beverage, handcraft, … Here for Paul&Noë, I will mainly speak about fashion.

How did you end-up with such an idea?

We felt an increased discomfort towards consumption. Everyday in Berlin, I see girls leaving Primark, H&M or Zara with huge bags full of clothes and I’m thinking « do they realize what they are doing? ». For them to buy such cheap clothes and for companies to get huge profits, what does it cost? It costs people sewing their dresses in horrible conditions; it costs huge amounts of resources such as water and energy (20.000 liters of water for your combo t-shirt & jeans); it costs to favor materials such as plastic (polyester, nylon, etc.) which end up as micro-plastics in oceans, in our bodies, creating massive diseases such as cancers.

This has to change. We wanted to show that alternatives exist and that they are sexy and trendy. Highvisioned was born.

How do you plan to implement it? timeline/actions?

Our goal is to launch the website at the latest end of August/early September.

Now we have two priorities. We are in the selection phase of the first conscious businesses to be featured on Higvisioned.

In parallel, we are finishing the design of our website which will be articulated under 3 main categories:

1. STORIES, where we will interview entrepreneurs and discuss their engagement, passion and business;

2. PRODUCTS, where we will review sustainable, plastic-free and high-quality products that inspire us;

3. A BLOG, which will browse all information about plastic-free alternatives, sustainability and craftsmanship.

Later, we will most probably create an e-shop where we will propose to our readers to shop the products we feature.

Do you have shopping tips to share with my readers?

Check the materials composition and the manufacturing country of every piece of cloth you want to buy. Aim for high quality rather than quantity; this is the difference between being a fashionista and being a lambda consumer. Looking good in a polyester dress made in China is not sexy; it’s dumb and vulgar.

Many brands understood it: PeopleTree, Armedangels, Bleed Organic Clothing are some great businesses starting a conscious move while proposing fashion and sexy alternatives.

Career Aspirations & Highvisioned

Can you describe your style and shopping habits?

My style oscillates between casual, up to sporty, and chic. By being my own boss and leaving in Berlin, I can wear whatever I feel every morning. But the Frenchie I am, pushes me to wear my mini-shorts and other slim dresses more than the average Berliner would do.

Moreover, I drastically changed my shopping habits over the past two years. I went from a monthly Zara/Mango/H&M shopping round to a quarterly selection of one or two pieces from organic/sustainable brands or designers. I’m really looking forward to seeing the shows next week at the Ethical Fashion Week in parallel of the Berlin Fashion Week to check what are the hot trends. I plan to meet a few designers that I would like to feature on Highvisioned.

Any tips for potential new entrepreneurs?

Brainstorm what makes you happy and makes your heart beat. Once you feel it, you know you find the right field of your business. Creating a business is not easy and requires lots of work, tons of patience and a high ability to doubt everything, everyday, so you have to be sure you are doing something you truly love. Also, include the aspect of world improvement, not making it more over-consumed and damaged. Think further: what are all implications of my business? Am I not damaging someone on the other side of the world by doing what I’m doing? If yes, re- think your plan. This is the best you can do with your brain.


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