Career Views - Aïda Segura Cerdanya

Meet Aïda and read about her careerCareer Views - Aïda Segura Cerdanya

Meet the beautiful Aïda, she is a dancer, model and actress and she happens to be one of my childhood best friends. I can only admire her natural beauty and elegance as her career is booming in Barcelona she might become a face you will soon be seeing in fashion magazines. On top of that this girl is solar and crazy turning her into a wonderful friend. Here you have her career views:

1. How did you start your career?

My career started unconsciously when I was 4 one could say. I started dancing in Andorra when I was a child because I had flat feet (laughing). It unveiled something inside me cause once I grew up I decided to qualify as a dancer and choreograph. I also started to take theater courses to complete my formation. I went from dancing courses to dancing centers in Barcelona, New York and Germany.

Six years ago, an agency representing actors, dancers, musicians and singers (Face of Music) proposed me to represent me. Step by step, dancing lead me to the world of publicity, modelling and acting!

Career Views - Aïda Segura Cerdanya

2. Can you describe what you are doing exactly?

What I am doing exactly? Everything! I work at the Dance Studio Anna Maleras giving dancing classes, hand in hand with Anna and her daughter Joana Marí. We can say that we are the Captains of the boat over there! Next to my daily work around dancing and my passion for it, I take castings for commercials and publicity and video clips.

Career Views - Aïda Segura Cerdanya

3. Can you describe your work routine and how does it influence your style?

A normal day at work like today for instance would be complicated. Two castings in the morning, meaning two different outfits, two different characters to interpret. One of them as a business woman with a pencil skirt, a blouse and high heels and a very self-confident approach. The other one as a modern working mom with style.

After the castings, direction the dance school with my dancing outfit (jersey and tights) to practice my ‘demi-plies’. At 5 I welcome all the kids and parents to give my dancing class. I try to wear casual clothes and senakers without always being in my sweat pants. Otherwise, I usually wear Oxford shoes with pleated pants and a turtleneck knit for example to be free to move all day.

If it is a filming day then my outfit is imposed by the character I’m playing, mother, pregnant girl, business woman etc. It is the job of the brand’s stylist in that case!

Career Views - Aïda Segura Cerdanya

4.Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years time?

In 5 to 10 years, I hope to still be doing the same but better!

Career Views - Aïda Segura Cerdanya

5. 3 recommendations for new beginners?

If you want to start in this sector, my first recommendation would be to have a quality book of photographs without retouching or Photoshopping. You should appear as natural as possible. The photos should be from a close perspective with a neutral background. A good book that will show you as you are naturally with a neutral make-up is very important.

The second one would be to find a publicity agency that would represent you. It is important to make sure that the agency does not charge you anything to sign-up… Professional agencies take commissions on the contracts you execute but not on registering new recruits.

And last but not least: ATTITUDE. Go to castings with the relevant look, outfit and make-up. Neutral make-up is best. Finally act confident and relaxed in front of the camera…

Career Views - Aïda Segura Cerdanya

6. Can you describe your style, your personal touch?

My style? I would say that I try to avoid flare pants. I love high waist pants, rather pleated, a simple t-shirt and sneakers. I have a real passion for stripes, either horizontal or vertical. In terms of colors: grey, navy blue, black, white, green, mustard and red. I’m not specially fond of prints, I like to see them on others but not on me!

7. A last quote.

Optimize your time; differentiate what is urgent from what is important.

Never for get you’re in control of your own life.

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