Career Views with Dione

Career Views with Dione

Meet Dione Collection and its founder Clara Bichet

Founded by lovely French designer Clara Bichet in 2013, Dione is a colorful fashion and accessories brand that cultivates a sophisticated fresh new look. I was already talking about Dione’s creations HERE and HERE as I am a huge fan of the Alessandra Clutch. Clara is always surprising us with new treasures and is working sustainable, ethical and fair! Here you have some career advice from the lovely Clara:

1. How did you start your business?

Dione started in July 2013. I was looking to develop my own project and since I am a huge fan of clutch bags, it came in as an evidence.

Dione’s genuine style and authenticity is a result of a harmonious combination of colors, shapes and premium fabrics. Each collection embraces dexterity, uniqueness and style and is carefully designed using premium quality fabrics. All authentic core elements are produced by local team with great attention to detail, thus making each piece sustainable, sophisticated and fashionable.*


2. Describe it, what is/are your current project/s?

Currently I am developing my partnership with WEAVE WOMAN and association that helps refugees Burmese woman and provides them work under fair trade principles. We have been working together since January 2015 and we are currently developing new embroidery pattern and materials.. I am also working on new models but I can’t say too much, it is a surprise for later…

Career Views with Dione

3. Where do you see yourself and your business in 5 years time?

In the coming 5 years, I am looking to create more lines of product to complete the accessories. I am also aiming to develop the online part of my business with everything that comes from it : packaging, customer relationship, fast worldwide delivery etc…

And of course in 5 years from now I hope I will keep enjoying what I do as much as I am today.

Career Views with Dione

4. Give 3 recommendations to new beginners.

  1. Creative people are not all analytical and sometimes it is strenuous to draw a business plan and forecast… However if I have one advice, it would be to pay attention to the whole business part of it. You can do amazing things, however if you don’t have the proper back-up and preparation, it might not go very far.
  2. Second advice would be have fun!
  3. Third advice would be to care for your product and supply. Try to be aware of how and where you produce and if it is rewarding the right people in the end.

Career Views with Dione

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5. Your fashion personal advice, what is your personal touch?

I pretty much love everything and I have a lot of different styles. Before I used to get lost on what I wanted to wear. Nowadays I am mostly wearing simple basic cuts, unicolor items that I associate to a special piece like an outstanding accessory / scarf / shoes. I try to have my accessories stand out rather than the whole outfit.

Career Views with Dione

 6. One last quote.

Don’t go where the path takes you, instead go where there is no path and leave a trail behind you.indianaRB3

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