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Career Views with La French Pique and its founder and designer Johanna Piettre today on the Blog. One of my biggest crush over the last 2 years, La French Pique combines creativity, handmaid and ethical thinking. Johanna, started to knit clutches herself selling them to friends and foes. Step by step, she developed her activity and the products she was offering to also propose caps, bracelets, head-bands, snoods, ties & bows for men. I love that it remains handmade, authentic, colorful and made with recycled cotton. I also like the fact that Johanna is kind and approchable, to me it is one of the keys to success. A girl to follow NOW on Instagram & Facebook . Stay as you are Johanna, you rock!

Here come some thoughts about her career:

Career Views with La French Pique

1. How did you start your business?

La French Pique started very naturally. Since I was a child I’ve been knitting pieces for myself, then for my girlfriends’ birthdays and step by step after hearing constantly “it is so nice, you should sell it”, I’ve decided to start the brand without real objectives. I ended up quitting everything to start this small enterprise!

La French Pique s’est lancée de manière très naturelle, ça a commencé par quelques pièces pour moi-même, depuis toute petite, puis pour les anniversaires des copines et à force de “c’est trop chouette, tu devrais les vendre” j’ai commencé à lancer la marque sans grands objectifs pour finalement tout quitter et développer cette mini entreprise !d_Fotor_Collage

2. Describe it, what is/are your current project/s?

La French Pique is a way to dress and behave differently. I’d like people in France and over the globe to understand that we must think about the planet before ourselves, I think we are entering a totally different era and that we must re-think completely our ways to create, build and produce… I believe that no matter our scale, we still can do something!

La French Pique c’est une manière de s’habiller et de consommer différemment. J’aimerais faire prendre conscience aux français et ailleurs dans le monde qu’il faut penser à sa planète avant soi-même, je pense qu’on entre dans une aire totalement différente et qu’il va falloir repenser totalement à nos modes de créations, conceptions, productions,.. Et à notre petite échelle, on peut toujours faire quelque chose!Career Views with La French Pique

3. Where do you see yourself and your business in 5 years time?

I still can’t foresee the future. La French Pique started less than a year ago. But knowing I have so much energy and passion for this project, I hope to be on top in 5 years and make this house bigger!

Je n’arrive pas encore à me projeter dans l’avenir, La French Pique n’a pas encore un an, mais avec toute l’énergie et la passion que je peux avoir pour ce projet, j’espère être au top dans 5 ans et surtout agrandir la maison!

4. Give 3 recommendations to new beginners.

Strength, courage & passion!

Force, courage et passion.Career Views with La French Pique

5. Your fashion personal advice, what is your personal touch?

I am not a style example, I dress as I feel and I don’t care about what people will think about it (very British thinking!).

Je ne suis pas un exemple de style, je m’habille comme je le sens, qu’importe ce que les gens vont penser (très anglais comme pensée !)

6. One last quote.

Go baby go!

Fonce bébé fonce !Career Views with La French Pique


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