Chanel Sling Back

Chanel Sling Back


Denim ZARA

Sling Back sandals CHANEL

Sunglasses + Clutch CELINE

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I have spotted these sandals at their first Chanel show appearance HERE. Since then I’ve been thinking about getting them without really going to the Chanel store… But this time I though it was time for a treat to myself (you know the concept of self-treat? I always do that for my major birthdays… and 30 is a good excuse ;)). I manage to get them in black but any other color is as elegant. They are actually a re-edition of vintage Chanel sling back sandals but have a touch of modernity that makes immemorial accessories.

Here go some tips to wear them:

  • Prefer slim and cropped denim or cropped flare that will reveal the shoe and your ankle;
  • Total look black is perfect to underline the shoe but you can also go for navy or white;
  • Try the pencil skirt that will also make your legs look longer;
  • I would not add another Chanel accessory, not to over do it…


Do you like the Chanel Sling Back?!

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