Coolabs' Trend

For more than a decade we assist to a whole new phenomenon : collaborations or Coolabs’. The mainstream Swedish brand H&M initiated this trend collaborating with the Fashion guru Karl Lagerfeld, always at the essence of the greatest ideas, a fashion visionary, like it or not.  Some thoughts about this trend…

Coolabs' Trend Many H&M collaborations followed, from Versace and Rikyel to Marant and Balmain, the most famous designers have all had they Coolab’ momentum. Victim of its own success, the trend has evolved and we observe that not only big brands are surfing on it. Today bloggers are collaborating with other bloggers (Margaux Lonnberg & Audrey Lombard); fashion editors and fashion influencers are collaborating with big brands (Carine Roitfeld & Ines de la Fressange x Uniqlo); bloggers are collaborating with small to be big brands (Garance Dore x Equipment) and brands are collaborating with other brands (J.Brand x Comptoir des Cottonniers). A hole range of possibilities that brands are exploiting to get greater visibility and attract a new audience.

Coolabs' Trend

The reasons behind such a success are quite obvious and I could summarize them as follows:

  • Streamlining capabilities;
  • Stimulating creation and creativity;
  • Creating genuine and limited collections;
  • Shaking up brands’ codes and lines;
  • Making the unaffordable affordable as regard to the H&M collaborations;
  • Advertising unknown brands to a broader audience sharing the notoriety of collaborators;
  • Exporting local creators abroad.

Coolabs' Trends

Personally, I have made the most out of the Isabel Marant coolab with H&M and I love to get genuine pieces that are limited. What about you? Do you adhere to the concept of Coolabs?


Did you like the Coolabs’ Trend?

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