Courreges Dream

Leather jacket COURREGES

Shirt ZARA

Pants J.CREW

Sneakers ADIDAS


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Courrèges Dream

Red jacket MANGO 49,95€ – Shop HERE

Black jacket COURREGES 1028€ – Shop HERE

Red jacket K-WAY 370€ – Shop HERE

Green jacket CARVEN 270€ – Shop HERE

Yellow perfecto COURREGES 3200€ – Shop HERE

There are iconic pieces. You know these items we dream about for years and wish to be able to get for a perfect wardrobe. In terms of jackets, after getting my Burberry trench-coat my dream was to have a real Courrèges leather jacket. The iconic vinyl jacket from the 60’s has been modernized by the duo Arnaud Vaillant and Sébastien Meyer, talented and visionary creative directors. Finally it’s mine and I enjoy it very very much!

Ps: I got the jacket at my favorite designers shop in Andorra CocoBis Andorra.


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