Are you into sports?

Have you noticed the number of persons hanging around in yoga or training outfits lately?! Maybe it’s me but I see them multiplying year after year. It’s been a decade since sports became a life habit to me and I can assure you that ten years ago sports were not as trendy as today.

‘Healthy’ as a concept is trendy, you easily read about the perfect diet, the perfect lifestyle or the perfect wellness/workout routine. I am certainly not complaining but I must admit that I feel slightly lost in between all the “good” advice.


In terms of diet, it sounds like a mess, somewhere in between Dunkan and Paleo, Juicing and Detox, I gave up. I hardly believe you can find the right diet without consulting a nutrition professional and frankly I would not dive into any of these diets without making sure it is adapted to my body, my habits and my objectives, often mistaken…


Try to find the equilibrium in your diet as much you can including all types of food. Don’t skip vegetables and proteins. Privation does not work in my case, I believe keeping a balance in all things is key to a healthy diet (including alcohol).


In terms of lifestyle, I was personally stubborn about Yoga, Pilates and meditation. As a cardio sports addict, it was not strong exercise that would produce tangible results on my body shape. An injury obliged my to slow down and start stretching, I discovered Pilates and realized it was not only helping me to stretch appropriately but also to reinforce my deep muscles and get stronger.


I can only encourage you to start Pilates specially if you are not into sports and are willing to start some activity or if you have back pain. Yoga is also a good alternative for beginners to work on posture, breath and relaxation. Last but not least, try to dedicate 5 min everyday to disconnect from your routine and breathe, it will help you to start over fresh and ready!


After 7 years of intense practice of the LesMills way of life and concepts, I became an Instructor. To me, it was a real achievement as 10 years ago I was a non-sporty young girl. Just to say that if you have the will and motivation you can achieve anything in sports. Today I am addicted. It is seen as a positive addiction but can however become counterproductive if over-practiced. Like with your diet, moderation is key… Currently I exercise 5 times a week and mix cardio with strength and high intensity, a complete workout planning allowing me to rest 2 days a week.

What about Cross-fit? I love it, it is a really complete functional workout that shakes every single muscle of your body. The only down side to me being a woman is the fact that it builds strong muscle mass and is not really aesthetic.


Go step by step, organize your workout routine to mix cardio training (running, cycling, swimming, Body Combat, Body Attack, among others) with strength and functional training (Cross-fit, Body Pump). Try to rest at least 2 days a week and do not over do it. Everyone should respect his body and possibilities without pushing too hard.

Another option is going for a Personal Trainer that will help you to define the perfect routine considering your objectives and shape. My Friend Sophie is the best Personal Trainer in Brussels, do not hesitate to book an introductory session (+32 497 24 47 99).


So, do you do healthy?

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