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Do you think there is special dress-code to work in the public administration?! My first and natural answer would be no, as long as you stay within the remits of professionalism and decency. Unfortunately not everyone seems to agree with this thinking and facts are again questioning an essential freedom.

As we observe the rise of extremism in all sense of the word we observe tentative from political/religious leader to impose a certain dress-code. The work-place does not escape this trend. I am obviously referring to President Trump that is gently recommending his female staffers to “dress like women”.

For decades, the business dress-code for women was limited to skirts. Following years of protests and societal actions, the sexist pattern was finally broken as suits and pants were commonly accepted. Working myself in an political environment I do not feel pressured to adopt a certain female specific dress-code but to rather look professional while addressing the official audience I am targeting. I am not saying that I am in favour of casual-wear everyday but just that freedom should also exist in relation to business dress-code.

So Mr. President, can you tell us what you mean exactly by dress like women?! Do you want us to wear mini-skirts and fishnet tights so you can easily “grab us by the p****”?! Or do you imply that if we dress man-alike we will not fulfil our professional duties diligently?! BULLSHIT.

Resistance is organizing itself around the twitter hashtag Female professional from all social categories, including US Senator Kamala Harris, unite around the idea that women should have the freedom to decide what to wear and that it is absolutely not the prerogative of a country leader to dictate how to dress.


I am a female professional and I will continue to dress as I wish in the remits of what I consider suitable to properly fulfil my professional duties.


What about you? Do you DressLikeAWoman ?!

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