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Drew CHLOE – Shop HERE for 1290€

FITYMI #15 today with a the famous Drew mini bag by Chloe. This bag is all over the media and the fashion sphere at the moment. As you might know mini bags are have been the trend of last summer season and it looks like it will continue. The size is just fine to carry your basic stuff and this color reminds us about sunny days. I think I found a really good alternative if you don’t have 1300 euros to spend on a handbag, although you know what is my opinion about imitation!

Fake it till you make it is a recurrent section of this blog to suggest affordable items in-style of luxury ones…this section has been inspired by my girlfriends that are often looking for an affordable alternatives to be trendy.  I have always been against copycatting but it is possible to find resembling alternatives without jeopardizing a designer’s idea. Do not hesitate to make comments to ask for specific editions of FITYMI!


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