Backpack ZARA 25,95€ – Shop HERE



Backpack MANSUR GAVRIEL 845$ – Shop HERE

FITYMI #19 today with the trendiest backpack by Mansur Gavriel. For those that have opted for a backpack (I will come back to this topic in a new post next week), big trend since last winter and still ongoing, this Mansur Gavriel is the perfect buy. Zara could of course not miss the train and is proposing a very similar cheap version of it. Are you in?!

Fake it till you make it is a recurrent section of this blog to suggest affordable items in-style of luxury ones…this section has been inspired by my girlfriends that are often looking for an affordable alternatives to be trendy. I have always been against copycatting but it is possible to find resembling alternatives without jeopardizing a designer’s idea. Do not hesitate to make comments to ask for specific editions of FITYMI!


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