Where to shop my Fake it until you make it #4 selection?

White backpack MANGO – Shop HERE for 44,99€

Yellow backpack TOP SHOP – Shop HERE for 76€

Pink backpack SANDRO – Shop HERE for 175€


Monogram backpack LOUIS VUITTON – Shop HERE for 1470€

Blue backpack MANSUR GAVRIEL – Shop HERE for 950$

Studded Backpack VALENTINO – Shop HERE for 1850€

FITYMI #4 with a selection of bucket bags today. Backpacks are everywhere this season, it reminds me the end of the 90’s when my mom was wearing a Lancel backpack which makes me think that fashion is an eternal come-back…

Fake it till you make it is a recurrent section of this blog to suggest affordable items in-style of luxury ones…this section has been inspired by my girlfriends that are often looking for affordable alternatives to be trendy.  I have always been against copycatting but it is possible to find resembling alternatives without jeopardizing a designer’s idea. Do not hesitate to make comments to ask for specific editions of FITYMI!


Did you like FITYMI #4?!

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