High-Waist Bikini

I’d like to know what is your personal experience with high-waist bikinis?! Is it something you would consider immediately or do you think the cut is not made for you? My approach was rather neutral as I like the 50’s style it can create but was not sure if it would fit to my body shape. Once it started to spread across swimwear collections, I decided to go for it. I’ve bought a classical model in navy blue and proudly put it on… CATASTROPHE! Not only I did not realize immediately that my hips doubled size but also that my tummy looked pretty strange…total FAIL. I decided to take it out.

The urban legend about this shape is that it slimmers your tummy, waist and hips…hmmmmm… not so sure about it to be honest. The more I think about it and the more I see girls wearing it the more I realize it is actually made for tall girls (yes, I know, again) and certainly not for girls with wide hips (like me). I don’t like to deter people to wear certain items but this time it is a question of being realistic.

I though about some basic tips for you:

  1. If your waist is slimmer than your hips, the high-waist cut is probably not a good idea;
  2. If you still want to wear this cut you should go for a model that goes high up to your breast, only revealing a small part of skin;
  3. If you want to mark your waist, prefer a fitted one-piece swimsuit;
  4. Go for single colors and avoid prints;
  5. Avoid bustiers;
  6. Don’t follow trends and try to find the best option according to your body shape.


What about you? Did you try the High-Waist Bikini?!

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