How I met my FragranceRead about how I met my Fragrance…

How did you choose your own perfume? It took me 19 years to finally be able to select a scent. I have been using all sorts of commercial perfumes since my teenage days from Tartine et Chocolat & Oilily to Chanel Chance that I copied from my best friend (I know, total lack of personality…).

Around 16 I had my first crush for a male fragrance Kenzo Homme. To me this scent had special touches of femininity in a very masculine robe. This scent slowly led me to my actual fragrance: Dior Homme.

I love the reaction of people when they ask what is my perfume, they look at me like I was some kind of strange animal wearing male perfume. But to be honest this perfume represents me more than any feminine scent. Its subtile smell, sometimes strong sometimes light with a background flowered touch of iris and of course this special wooden fling perfectly represents my own personality.

How I met my Fragrance

Despite always going back to Dior Homme, I like to switch from time to time and for that I prefer genuine unique scents created by fragrance designers such as the Eau Rose by Diptyque with Bergamot, Lychee, Rose, Cedar & Musk (rather a summer scent) or Ambre Fetiche by Anick Goutal with Amber, Iris, Vanilla & Patchouli (robust and rather for winter). How I met my Fragrance

My personal tips to find your own scent would be to firstly be able to spend an entire day with that smell (which can prove to be difficult sometimes specially if your smell is over-developed). Secondly you should be able to recognize yourself in the scent to underline your own personality features, like a signature.

What about you, how did you identify your fragrance?!


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