Imitation in the Fashion Industry


Jacket ZARA

Imitation in the Fashion Industry becomes a topic of relevance for designers. What do you think about imitation in the fashion industry? I am not even talking about fake items but about the fact of imitating designs and offering them at an affordable price. On one hand, I would be rather favorable to democratizing fashion seeing how prices are rising for clothes and accessories. I think that everybody should have access to style (in a perfect world) and that margins of Fashion brands tend to become really outrageous knowing the manufacturing conditions and prices… specially when some big brands communicate around the offering luxury fashion items for affordable prices while not even being affordable any longer…

BUT and there is a BUT I think that designing a piece is also very personal and we should not neglect the intellectual property side of things even with fashion…so for me it would be a “yes, but”… I think that mainstream fashion brands can still get some inspiration from designers without identically copying pieces thus respecting designers intellectual property rights. Food for though…what is your opinion?

Did you agree with Imitation in the Fashion Industry?


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