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La French Pique


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Meet LA FRENCH PIQUE and her handmade creations… One of the things I like the most in Fashion is find out about new talents and people that are not afraid to live by their passion and start their own business. This label has exactly what I love: an identity, a style and a concept! Johanna Piettre is the lovely designer that creates these trendy items! Follow her Instagram account HERE.

Since I am a kid I have been surrounded by people who sew and knit, who has never been taught by her grandma how to knit and who has never made her own (horrible and multicolor) hideous scarf?! haha! I still have mine somewhere in a drawer…

This time, it is completely another story, the coolest colors and the trendiest shape for these clutches and headbands by LA FRENCH PIQUE. Their new collection will be on-line in September on their E-SHOP, I will let you know when you can go and shop their creations!


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