Less is More?!

How do you feel about closet minimalism?!

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Minimalism is more than a fancy word, it is also a concept that can apply to fashion or any other area in our lives. I’ve been thinking more and more about minimalism in my daily life but most of all in my closet. I honestly believe that our consumption society is drifting backwards towards de-consumption or essentialism.

Did you ever think about you closet like something mirroring your consumption habits? Think about it, don’t you tend to always buy similar pieces or similar styles either around a fabric such as denim or a color? Do you clean your closet twice a year while going into winter or into summer? If yes, that’s the best way to realize that we tend to accumulate rather than rationalize, and YES it is a wrong habit…

I came across a great video about minimalism the other day and it made think about it:

I must admit that at this stages it remains wishful thinking but I am getting there… Not that I necessarily want to apply this lifestyle ‘stricto sensus’, but to be honest it’s quite appealing in terms of philosophy. I have already mentioned HERE my wish to go back to basics and center my style around key pieces that I would be mixing with original items. I am getting there step by step… I made a massive cleaning in my wardrobe a month ago, selling the pieces that are worth it and giving most of the other pieces to the needy.

If I would need to give 5 tips about aiming at closet minimalism it would be the following:

  • Cleanse your wardrobe every 6 months while changing from winter to summer and vice versa;
  • Separate the pieces you never wear and think about them. Do you feel they are not really picturing you style any-longer? Can you easily mix them with basics? You don’t feel like wearing them anymore?
  • Sell online your valuable pieces of cloth on second hand sites (vestiairecollective.com, deuxiememain.be, special facebook groups, etc.);
  • Don’t hesitate to give away the pieces you don’t identify yourself or your style with, you will see that the feeling is very positive and you will gain space to buy new items that will better fit your style;
  • Be conscious while shopping, think carefully about the items you want to buy. Is it really what you are looking for in terms of style? Does iy fit your body shape? Do you see yourself wearing it in 1-2 years time? It might be useful to ask yourself these questions to deter you from piling up another piece you will not wear!

So are you ready to embrace minimalism?!


Do you agree with Less is More ?

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