Malgosia x La Perla

Malgosia x La Perla

Malgosia x La Perla

Malgosia x La Perla today on the Blog. Big crush for their new  underwear/beachwear campaign featuring Malgosia Bela. She looks gorgeous in swimwear and lingerie. I am also realizing that I enjoy more and more wearing 1 piece swimsuits in summer…despite the difficulties in terms of sun tan, they look very classy!

About la Perla:

In 1954 Ada Masotti, an Italian woman full of talent and courage, began the journey towards her dream: creating an atelier of corsetry in the name of the best Italian tradition. Beginning in a small laboratory in Bologna, the Italian town renowned for its solid tradition of silk factories and textile manufacturers, Ada used her talent as a skilled corset maker to create works of art enhancing feminine beauty.

Presenting her creations in boxes lined with velvet as if they were precious jewels, led to the name La Perla – representing the most feminine and harmonious gem.*



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