Spring White Weekend outfit all in to celebrate Spring today. I have been wearing white all year as I also like to wear white jeans in Winter but its gets even better when the sun is shining...I decided to match the outfit with my scratched Stan Smiths, they are still brand new so they shine bright, can wait to have worn them a bit.

Mariniere Mood today on the Blog or selection of iconic photos of beauty and style icons. Which one is your favorite?

About the marinière:

Although it originated in the Navy, the marinière has been an important fashion item ever since. During the First World War, Coco Chanel regularly took seaside holidays and was inspired by the local sailors’ uniforms. At her second shop in Deauville she launched the “Navy Style”, a short marinière. In doing so she continued the emancipation of women’s bodies and the “practical” side of her creations, by using simple jersey fabric during times of privation. Her marinières became widespread luxury items. Years later, Karl Lagerfield paid homage to House of Chanel by regularly recreating the marinière for his fashion shows, especially in his ready-to-wear summer collection “Croisière”. In 1940s the marinière was worn by John Wayne, then Jean Cocteau, Pablo Picasso, Brigitte Bardot, Marcel Marceau. In the 1960s, after Jean Seberg’s appearance in a marinière in the film Breathless, Yves Saint Laurent introduced it into his premier collections, causing a fashion revolution in haute couture. Jean Paul Gaultier has been in love with the marinière since the 1980s, in all its forms, styles and the most diverse materials. In 1983, it was the major element of his Boy Toy collection, Gaultier greeting the audience at the end of the show in a “classic classic”, a marinière.*

*source wikipedia.


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