Massai Clutch

Clutch MYSUELLY (275€)

Massai Clutch inspiration today on the Blog. Ethnic accessories are always a good idea and with this clutch we find the perfect balance between something original and something elegant. Colors are perfect for Summer outfits and the fabric makes it very easy-going to decline it during the day but also at night with a little black dress…perhaps you also want to try it with a denim mini skirt and a silk white top?!

MySuelly or the story of Géraldine Cohen and Adélaide Salvi, two young women, friends in life, sharing a passion for accessories with the sole aim of bringing back in style, grace and elegance from the past, through modern pieces. They share the same yearning to create new pieces with loads of new ideas. It did not take them long to quit their former jobs, one as a stylist, the second as Director of Communications in a prestigious company and fearlessly they embarked on this new adventure … MYSUELLY was born. Their main source of inspiration was the elegance and grace from the 1930s, combined with their sense for detail and the “right” touch of femininity.*


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