Las Vegas wedding

I’ve just got married in Vegas and Elvis performed the ceremony. I would have never believed it if you would have told me. But here we are, it’s done and it was a crazy experience. It all started by a random 4 hours telephone conversation with my husband-to be that, at the time, was my long-distance relationship. We were joking about the idea to get married in Vegas and after a proposal in Venice and a crazy move into my apartment here we were booking for marriage Disneyland!

First things first, despite the Britney Spears stories, getting married in Vegas is not as easy as it seems. After booking the flight and hotel, I did some reading on the ceremony and it turned out that showing-up at the wedding chapel to get Elvis’ blessing wasn’t enough.

Las Vegas wedding

First take-away: do some research before you leave and watch YouTube videos.

Booking a chapel is ok but you need a marriage license from the Country Clark’s office. This document can only be obtained in person in the Clark County Marriage License Bureau (north of the Strip). If you are control-freak (like me) don’t stress its open 7/7 until midnight. It took us 15 minutes to get it and we just needed our IDs.

Second take-away: be spontaneous on spot!

We had decided to book a 4.00pm ceremony at the Graceland Wedding Chapel. The thing we had not anticipated is that it would only take 15 minutes to get married and we would have plenty of time to spend before diner. My advice is to go for an evening ceremony close to diner time.

As regards to the chapel, we opted for Graceland that is among the famous ones but don’t hesitate to just come and check other chapels around, you can really book last minute. We saw a small chapel that was much nicer than the one we had booked so if I had to do it again I would  be much more spontaneous and book last minute. Another surprising thing is that not so many people come to Vegas to get married, you will always have choice. We were surprised to be the only ones among the people we’ve met, mostly Americans. We realized it’s really a European fantasy.

Third take-away: get ready for a quicky!

So we showed up all dressed-up at 3.30pm at the Graceland Wedding Chapel with our marriage license in hand and quite nervous to take THE big step. That’s when we realized that 3 other couples were already waiting in line to get “all shook up”. After watching two couples getting married while sitting in the reception/waiting room/half-chapel entrance, we finally got to enter the ceremony room. As predicted the decorum is super genuine and this first impression is quite authentic. Without further due Elvis starts to perform and tells me to stand at the back of the room while misspelling my name… After a five minutes ceremony with lousy Elvis songs quotes we were pronounced husband and wife and Elvis was singing again before rushing to the next couple.

Firstly, I found it disappointing, but in the end I love the concept of spending 5 minutes to take the most important decision of my life, doesn’t it sound mad?!

Fourth take-away: gambling sucks.

I was lucky enough to get a surprise booking at Bellagio by my now husband. Honestly, the most amazing hotel in Vegas (in particular the buffet)! That’s where we decided to gamble and it was not such a good idea as obviously we lost everything… Seriously, I have a hard time understanding these people spending hours in casinos and frankly it’s really not my thing. The only thing I can recommend is to book a suite, at least for one night, the experience is amazing.

Another wonderful experience is to fly over the Grand Canyon by helicopter, a must do.

Fifth take-away: if you have self-esteem issues, go to Vegas!

I won’t develop this self-explanatory item but just to let you know that I felt like a model in town. No doubt the local diet and habits don’t help. Crazy to think that the mecca of healthy lifestyle is only 4 hours away…

Sixth take-away: forget about pawn shops…

OBVIOUSLY we did the touristy stuff and visited all the pawn shops in town. Despite what you can think you won’t make really interesting deals. For the little story we went to a super awkward place owned by two weird/ugly/smelly guys that tried to sell us Rolex watches for a third of the price… as I said… forget about it!

Final take-away: have fun and don’t take it seriously!

I would do it again right now if I could. I am so happy to be married to that man and I hope I will be able to tell this story to my grand children one day. In any case we are now officially married in the State of Nevada ONLY!

Las Vegas wedding

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Las Vegas wedding

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