The No-Makeup Trend

The No-Makeup Trend

The concept is not something that just came up but rather something hanging in the air for a while. As much as we observe a proliferation of beauty brands, beauty bloggers, vloggers and tutorials, we also observe the opposite trend toward natural raw beauty. Being myself a true partisan of the ‘less is more’ approach in terms of style and beauty, I approve 100% the wish to go back to basics and get rid of most superficial masks.

The singer Alicia Keys went out of the beauty closet this year and she launched a trend around the no-makeup lifestyle. She basically decided to appear publicly without makeup and is living up to it until now… not so easy in this superficial music society and worth being underlined!

Something that I admire even more is when mature women accept to play by the natural rules. Ageing is not the easiest thing for women and skin quality declines along the years. It takes even more courage to show yourself ‘naked’. When I see Julianne Moore and in the Pirelli Calendar 2017, it is exactly the essence of what I mean.

The No-Makeup Trend

The No-Makeup Trend

Photo credits @Pirelli by Peter Lindbergh

I must say that we are all unequal in front of genetics and I don’t want to be a no-makeup extremist but learning how to sublimate yourself with basics is key. Personally I don’t think that 100% natural is needed, unless your skin is perfect. To me, parsimony is key. So even if you don’t adopt the no-make up trend you can still live-up to the less-is-more rule as I do.

These are my main beauty mantras:

  • While hydrating your skin is a must (serum + hydrating cream) you can twist this basic ritual with a tinted BB or CC cream that will boost the color of your skin. No need to add anything else in my opinion.
  • Same for the eyes, if you really have deep circles, a simple concealer very close to your skin color will do the job.
  • Finally, forget about eye-liners and other eyeshadows, a simple touch of light mascara will be enough to change the game.


Do you adhere to the no makeup trend?

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