Normalization in Fashion
What do you think about standards in fashion?!

Being myself a real fashion addict, I sometimes loose sight of reality as I admit that have my own perception of what fashion should look like or not.

But lately, I’ve been feeling a little different about my environment as I’ve started to observe a sort of normalization in fashion. To me, the concept of norm is very familiar, being a lawyer, norms and rules are part of my daily routine and bring meaning and certainty to facts. However, this is exactly why I like to escape with my blogging activities and why fashion offers me a way out towards freedom.

Let’s go back to the essence of what normalization means to me. It could be the fact of following trends or adapting the the latest marketing campaigns and vibes. Actually, perhaps it’s what we are all looking to feel we belong to society and to a social group. In a way fashion contributes to differentiation as you will often be socially classified along your style, accessories and looks. I think that accessories play a big role in the way women think they will be ‘classified’ and I don’t find it very healthy.

I’ve been paying attention to my environment lately. I discovered that normalization is happening. Girls that are into fashion adopt the uniform: Hat + Designer Bag + Heels/White sneakers and the majority of non-fashion people tend to stick to grey + black most of the time. I see rivers of white sneakers, long camel coats and Michael Kors hand-bags and I don’t like what I’m seeing as everyone looks the same. No originality, no sense of personality, in a word ‘normalization’.

Nonetheless, I agree with the principle that you should feel comfortable in your clothes and that you never feel more comfortable than when you are wearing grey jogging pants with your Stan Smith sneakers… but wait a minute, don’t you think we have been formatted into such a thinking? That a touch of color, shinny fabric, some sequins will kill the comfort?! NO, I don’t think so…

In my opinion, style should not be dictated by the masses, it should be a detail, a golden boot, a red thigh boot, a shinny brooch, a sailor cap, a pink coat or anything else that makes you feel special and takes you out of normalization.

PS: I’m totally ‘normalized’ today, I’m wearing my grey hat. As we say in French “do what I say but don’t do what I do” ;p


What do you think about normalization in fashion?

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