I have always been a bikini girl. I was particularly fond of strapless tops as I cannot stand tanning marks. However, I don’t know if it is due to the fact of turning 30 but since last year I have troubles to wear and bikini and only feel comfortable in a one-piece.

You will say it is because I’m influenced by swimwear trends around one-pieces but I think it goes further than that. I was already underlining the added value of wearing a one-piece HERE but now it became natural to wear it and makes me feel comfortable and beautiful.

For lots of us, and I am not an exception, the moment you have to wear a swimsuit again can be painful. I will not complain about being this or that but it is simply something that can make you feel very uncomfortable and is always a topic of conversation among my girlfriends, specially now that most of all are 30+. Modelling your body becomes harder with the time and the “operacion bikini” is not always as successful as wished. The solution to feel better almost naked as a name and it’s a one-piece.

There are many shapes that can underline your breast, your waist, and shape your silhouette to give you greater confidence and  hide the small defects you don’t want to see. I am not saying it will magically give you the body of Gisele (as many women magazines promise us these days) but at least it works for me and the more I wear them the less I feel elegant and comfortable in a bikini.

If you are wearing a one-piece for the first time, you should go for something sober without prints and avoid fancy cuts and shapes like trikinis for a classical shape (not too classical though to avoid looking like your mother) such as a bustier or a moderate cleavage. Here you have a selection to shop ASAP! You will see that once your start you will stick to the one-piece…

One-piece suits all!

Pink swimsuit FELLA 229€ – Shop HERE

Army swimsuit ERES 430€ – Shop HERE

Navy swimsuit OYSHO 45,99€ – Shop HERE

Blue swimsuit PRINCESSE TAMTAM 89€ – Shop HERE

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