Pajamas Style

Jacket + Jegging H&M

Sneakers Stan Smith ADIDAS


Sunnies Clubmaster RAYBAN

How to create my Pajamas Style outfit :

Pajamas Style

Jacket H&M (19,99€)

Jegging H&M (19,99€)

Sunnies Clubmaster RAYBAN (139€)

Sneakers Stan Smith ADIDAS (95€)


Pajamas Style outfit today on the Blog. How to got out in the street wearing your pajamas in a stylish way without looking like you just went our of your bed?! Just add a denim, preferably skinny, a pair of white sneakers and fancy accessories such as my favorite bucket bag at the moment, you are ready to go. No need to mention I did not brush my hair this morning just to add a touch of night-feeling to the outfit (but also because I am sometimes very lazy for my beauty routine ;)).


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