What about returning 100 years back when love had nothing to do with the choice of your spouse? Alright, it would abolish decades of feminist combat to allow freedom of choice but… what if?!

Despite not being a real romantic person, I still believe in the values of love and passion but I also firmly believe that reason ends-up taking the lead one day or the other. In that case, why not preferring reason over passion when looking for a partner. I know it sounds very cynical but I came across a number of articles in the feminine press arguing in that same direction and I think I can adhere to some of the arguments.

I am absolutely not saying that forced unions should be allowed and accepted. To me, free will should always prevail and specially when it comes to our very person. However, I am advocating in favor of reasoned choices. I believe that a lasting relationship should not necessarily be built on passion or even on love. Of course liking each other is a sine qua non requisite but having the same values, principles and vision of life matters more in my view.

This is actually the heart of what makes a sustainable relationship and it entails respect, friendship, complicity and partnership above all. Well, I will not say that love should not be part of the picture and if it does then BINGO but by reasonably ensuring to be on the same page don’t we ensure that we can both evolve in the same direction?

Passion hurts, most of the time. It is a wonderful feeling that everyone should experience at least once in their life, but passion destroys. The more I age, the more I realize this is not what I am looking for. In the end, I am independent and loved so what I am aiming for is someone that is looking in the same direction and with whom I can exchange freely on having common grounds and projects. This is reason in love. Or perhaps reason with a token of passion?!


Do you need passion or reason?!

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