Polish Sun Stroke

I am born and raised in southern Europe, in the mountains, under the sun and close to the sea. No need to specify that I’ve been under the sun all my childhood and adolescence. In addition, I take each and every occasion I have to leave Brussels and go south to sunbath. Therefore, can you imagine my surprise when Polish sun kicked my a… last weekend?! It left me K.O. for the rest of the week.

I’ve never mentioned it but I am often the victim of odd situations while travelling, mostly health-related. Don’t get me wrong, I am not not complaining and with the time I’ve learn to adapt and deal with every situation.

So this time, I was in Warsaw for the weekend for a Polish/Spanish wedding. Like often, I had a brunch before the wedding in a garden under the sun. Normally, nothing special. But well, never trust Polish sun… After a couple of hours I started feeling very weak and nauseous. That feeling went increasing until the moment I had to lay down, legs up as my legs were not holding me any longer. Now you get it… I was having a Polish Sun Stroke two hours before the wedding I came for (first time in my life and OBVIOUSLY, perfect timing, ahah).

Quite funny to see my friends getting ready for the wedding while I was incapable of moving a finger. Quite funny to try to get dressed and wear heels while you are sweating, shaking and about to faint every second and need to pee every 5min because you are drinking litters of water. Quite funny to be carried by my friends to the church and being incapable of standing when the priest was asking for it during the mess. Quite funny to shake, tremble and be incapable to speak like after eating a space cake! In three words FML!

But don’t we say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?!

Lesson learned:

  1. don’t mess around with Poles,
  2. don’t mess around with Polish sun and most of all;
  3. wear a hat while sunbathing!

PS: Did I forget to mention that the night before I tried a new eye cream and got an allergy. On the same morning I woke up with Panda eyes preventing me to wear any make-up at all… definitely not my day!


Did you enjoy my Polish sun stroke story?

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