red navy

Mariniere HUBLOT

Jeans ZARA



How to create the Red Navy outfit?

red navy

Mariniere SAINT JAMES – Shop HERE for

Jeans ZARA – Shop HERE for 49,95€

Clutch BIMBA Y LOLA – Shop HERE for 110€

Sandals CASTANER – Shop HERE 145€

Red Navy outfit of the day with a touch of navy in South of France…for a change, stripes are red today! The clutch is from the great Spanish brand BIMBA Y LOLA…love it! Have you noticed the new scenery of the posts?! This will be one of my repeated sceneries for the blog posts as it is the fabulous house of my best friend in South of France…just by writing it it makes things look cool and trendy ;p


Did you like my outfit?

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