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We are talking jewels today with a trendy jewelry brand called RedLine. Their collection echoes to all my cravings: diamonds, simplicity and elegance. ‘Less is more’ could be their perfect moto and it becomes more and more accurate in my case. A simple stone on a simple string is all I want. You can choose the color of gold, the shape of the stone and the color of the sting. You can even mix fabrics and colors on bracelets, necklaces and rings. A great option for a present!

About the brand:

Laetitia Cohen-Skalli, the founder, was looking for concept for her Masters project. She worked on the fictitious launch of a jewellery brand called ‘RedLine’. She mixed noble materials such as gold and diamonds with the lightness of string for the first time, inspired by the red string of Jerusalem. She was awarded her Masters degree with honors and decided to bring her project to life in 2004.

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