resell your closetAre you thinking about cleaning your closet?! Do you plan on re-selling your clothes and accessories to get rid of items you don’t wear anymore?! This post is made for you. Yesterday I joined my friends to sell my clothes on a street flea-market in Brussels. It was my first experience in this kind of local neighborhood flea-market and I have some learnings to share with you today.

First of all it depends on what you are selling exactly. You must be realistic about the customers you will be targeting and the price policy you will be applying. If your wardrobe is full of Zara and Mango or H&M, forget about fancy second hand shops and target local flea-markets or vintage stores. If you have quality stuff (leather, labels) you are intermediary and might get frustrated by flea-markets where people aim at buying for less than 5€. For designer pieces and accessories you should target luxury second hands, however make sure than the commission is not excessive otherwise you might end-up disappointed about the end profit. But overall: do not expect to make fortunes!

I am re-selling lots of clothes and accessories in Brussels and I have my favorite spots in town.

Here they go:

Luxury & Designer items

  • Piece Unique (167 Rue Franz Merjay), my favorite spot in town where I purchased my first Chanel vintage bag. Quality pieces, designers only.
  • Les Enfants d’Edouard (175 Avenue Louise), I have rediscovered this second hand shop that is becoming a mine of designer pieces. I am currently selling most of my own clothes there. Cool kids running the shop and very commercial attitude.
  • Vetue (5 Rue Leon Lepage), excellent selection of high-fashion designers.

PS: I would not advise to shop at Ciel mes bijoux in Sablon. The attitude is anti-commercial and prices are skyrocketing. Another spot to sell is Lady Dandy in Chatelain. However, the buying policy is very strict (not so easy when you want to sell) and prices are quite high.

Intermediary items (Zara, Mango, etc…)

I am exclusively selling via Easy to create an account you can add as many items as you wish. The only down side is that you need time to take photos of the item, upload them and create wantable profiles for your items. In addition, you will need time to meet with potential clients and/or send items via post.

Low ticket items

Opt for the local flea-markets but as I mentioned do not expect to sell for more than 5 euros! Even 10 is not selling! You must be patient and it’s better to do it with friends and a few bottles of rose wine as the entire day can be long…

Other options can be Les Petits Riens or Oxfam (243 Rue Haute) shops in Brussels.


Do you resell your clothes?!

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