The Engagement Ring

My twin MESSIKA – Shop HERE

Engagement rings are they exclusively for engaged girls?! And what about those that are not or might never be engaged because of life circumstances or personal convictions?

One of my best friends is completely against mariage, she gets instantly allergic as soon as we even mention the possibility of getting married/engaged. For once it is not about one of these girls in her thirties hiding her frustration behind a strong position; it is a rational position (not mine ;p) and I fully respect it. So what about her? Does it de facto forbids her to buy an engagement ring if she likes one?! And what about single girls? Aren’t they allowed to wear a engagement ring just because they are not in a relationship?

I would say that if you have a ring crush and you can afford it, you should go for it! Maybe it sounds feminist/pessimistic to say that but what if Prince Charming never appears?! At least you will be able to look at your finger and be proud of your efforts to get this marvel by yourself!

I had a huge crush on the Messika ring and love the modernist creations of Gaia Repossi with hanging stones. These kind of rings are labelled engagement rings but to me they are modern and perfectly fitted to any personal situation. Social pressure should not influence your choices in terms of what makes you happy or not.

So here you have some shopping ideas to suggest to the loved one or to shop on your own…


Do you feel the same about buying yourself your ring?

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