Sale selection #1

Find out about my Sale Selection #1…

Sale selection #1T-shirt RAD – Shop HERE for 14,95€

Dress ESSENTIEL – Shop HERE for 136,50€

Purse MIU MIU – Shop HERE for 525€

Pumps SANDRO – Shop HERE for 137,50€

Espadrilles RAD – Shop HERE for 14,95€

Sales season is here ladies! As always this time of the year will be tough on our wallet but it is also the occasion to finally purchase that great leather skirt that was out of reach at its full price…I have selected a couple of items for your to shop directly on the e-shops but don’t hesitate to get yourself out there and explore shops where you would not go normally… I would not wait for too long as it seems that almost all brands already offer a 50% rebate and you might end-up with left-overs and huge sizes if you wait until the end of sales…

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