Sale Selection #10

Dress ZARA 25,99€ – Shop HERE

Hat SINEQUANON 34,50€- Shop HERE

Canvas bag COS 23€ – Shop HERE

Belt BONPRIX 4,99€ – Shop HERE

Bikini H&M top 12,99€ bottom 8,99€ – Shop HERE

Jumpsuit MANGO 29,99€ – Shop HERE


Derbies MINELLI 71,40€ – Shop HERE

Purple bag MY SUELLY 125€ – Shop HERE

Sales season started ladies! Here you have my Sale Selection #10. Items are not specially meant to go together but you can obviously opt for a total look! In any case, this is the last chance to finally purchase that great ring that was out of reach at its full price…I have selected key items for your to shop directly on the e-shops but don’t hesitate to get yourself out there and explore shops where you would not go normally…


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