short hair

Libereeeeeee, delivreeeeee! I am experiencing the most liberating moment of my life. Short hair was a dream to me for the past decade. I was not daring to take the step. Sometimes you only need the support of a single person to be able to accomplish important things. I’ve found this special person and thanks to his support I managed  to jump the cliff of the hair-chop.

I always though, wrongly, that man hate short-haired women. Being single for a while I was afraid not to attract any man if I would cut my hair (don’t ask why, it’s irrational…). The irony is that in the end I did it thanks to a man. We often create our own barriers…

This time was THE time for me. It took me three weeks to take the final decision, thinking about it every day until the day the appointment was taken. I was not very confident while going there although I was not realizing what I was about to do. I brought tons of photos of the cut I wished to have. I also took the time to discuss with the hairdresser to make sure the cut would suit the shape of my face. Once all set it was time… to be honest I felt sick while the hairdresser was starting to cut heavily my looooong hair. I guess it goes to your gut as you are cutting a part of yourself. However, while my hair was falling I was starting to feel liberated and the last cut revealed the new me. Love at first sight <3

I do feel different, still myself but different. Can’t stop looking at my face in mirrors to try to recognize this new sophisticated person I see. Long hair might be beautiful but short hair offers personality and for me it’s day and night. Only one conclusion: DARE! You won’t regret it and if it’s the case, it’s just hair, it will grow in no time…

Cashmere knit RALPH LAUREN; Skirt FILIPPA K; loafers TODS; Bag PIUMELLI

Feel free to check the great professional that chopped my hair off on Facebook HERE.


Do you like my new haircut?!

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