Super Skinny Models

YEEZUS s/s 2016 show

Can we accept everything just because it is Fashion?! I am sorry but I have reached my limit with this kind of photo… Does she look healthy, sporty and more than anything does she look beautiful?!…NO! These kind of images are dangerous for the next generations that tend to identify to a skinny unhealthy body shape…and fashion does not help in this case.

On top of it, it is funny to think that the designer that selected this model and created these clothes is married to one of the most “gifted” woman in term of breast and butt (I.e. Kim Kardashian). This is where I do not see the coherence between what man really appreciate and what Fashion Industry wants us to believe they appreciate. It just creates a real distortion of reality and becomes worrying. Not to mention that the collection is absolutely unwearable in real life… What is your opinion do you support or do you despise?! Again, can we accept everything?! I don’t!


What do you think about Super Skinny Models?

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