Teenage Dream?!

Cover The Love Magazine February 2016

Is this your Teenage Dream?!

Ok, we know that celebrity kids are more than bankable, that teenagers are over-connected and that social media are key to branding and communication BUT don’t you think it is going too far sometimes?! This is exactly what I thought when I saw this cover of The Love Magazine and I still wonder what message the paper is willing to convey.

Maybe you will tell me that this is the work of a make-up artist that tried to express freshness and youth via flashy girly shades and that we must respect this work as we would respect a proper painting…mmmh I’m skeptical.

Maybe you could also say that to be appealing, the photograph must be eye catching and that this is exactly the reason why she is wearing way too much material on her pretty little face…why not.

To be honest, the only thing my eye is catching at the moment is a 16 years old young girl wearing way too much make-up which to me looks unappropriated and is sending the wrong message to her generation…

We all know Lily-Rose, celebrity kid and new Chanel Muse. We were already talking about her HERE. We cannot deny that she has this something that makes big stars, not only a face but also a personality. She is fresh young and beautiful and she is 16…16! In my opinion, picturing her like a sophisticated ‘fille de joie’ is not the way to underline her inner beauty. Not that she cannot be sophisticated but I think there are boundaries specially knowing she is becoming the muse of her entire generation.

Teenage Dream

To me, she represented some hope among the young stars such as Miley Cyrus and others that completely over-expose their sexual image. Lily-Rose can be exposed and I am sure she will have a brilliant career but exposure should not bring her to the ‘dark side’ ;p. She should remain fresh and classy to show that a teenage girl can be stylish without overdoing and without growing too fast. Let her live her teenage dream!


What do you think?