Vanessa Paradis Smiles

Vanessa Paradis Smiles

Vanessa Paradis Smiles

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Vanessa Paradis Smiles with her “dents du bonheur” as we say in French. I admire this wonderful smile that she has never lost despite many adventures in her life. Vanessa is on the cover of Vogue France in December with 3 different looks and I find her really beautiful, although I have a small preference for the cover version where she smiles!

Some people have special physical features that make us remember them. Personally I find difference very interesting and Vanessa represents the essence of sexiness through her smile. Georgia May Jagger has the same smile and it also gives her a huge charm.

I have freckles since I’m born and to be honest it has never been very easy to live with them specially when i was a kid and had to suffer my little friend’s mockeries. It is only around 18 years old that I started to appreciate my difference and consider it as an added value. Frankly today I consider it as a strength and I am proud to feel different.

What about you, did you suffer from a physical difference or did you always accept yourself as you are?!


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