Vintage DiorMy mother has never really been into fashion, she has always been quite eclectic as to her style. To be honest, I was always desperate that she never really shopped an Hermes bag or designer pieces (that were much more affordable in the 80’s) that I could discover as a treasure when I started to be really into fashion…BUT when I was 15 years old we uncovered a vintage bag from Dior that was a present to her mother and it became my favorite bag that I was protecting like a real treasure.Vintage Dior

You will therefore understand my happiness to see how Mari Chiuri, the newly come creative director at Dior unveiled the new bag collection featuring the famous Dior monogram. She is keeping the vintage spirit while adapting the shape of the bag to modernity with cross-body belts and smaller sizes.

I am so happy to out my old Dior vintage treasure as a trendy it-bag. I like the fact that fashion is a cycle and that designers are always re-inventing it via vintage inspiration!


Do you have a Vintage Dior treasure?

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