Vitamin Touch

Vitamin Touch



Sneakers Stan Smith ADIDAS


Bag Giant Mini Pompon BALENCIAGA

How to create this outfit:

Vitamin Touch

Knit ZARA – Shop HERE for 19,95€

Pants MANGO – Shop HERE for 35,99€

Cap SAINT JAMES – Shop HERE for 35€

Bag Giant Mini Pompon BALENCIAGA – Shop HERE

Vitamin Touch today on the Blog as I finally found a nice mini bag original and practical to bring some happiness into my sad winter looks! I usually hate green and you will never see me wearing anything green. Actually I don’t own anything green but this Balenciaga is different. I was waiting to have a crush before buying any new bag and BIM here it was in front of me. I must say I though about it carefully as I normally invest in classical colors, specially at this price! But this time a little craziness kills nobody…don’t you think?!


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